Art Auctions re-opening prompts advice change; from ‘stop’ to ‘get ready

Private Sales for top property may have boomed, but since March 2020 our advice to clients has been to put almost all auction activity on hold. The on-line or hybrid auctions may have worked for a few exceptional items, or for low-end ‘shopping’, but for the majority of collections the inability to view the works […]

The economic impact of Covid has undeniably arrived in the art market. A trickle of enquiries on managing the sale of art collateral has now evolved into multiple high value cases. Whether you are a lender, borrower, lawyer or trustee it is in everyone’s interest that sale proceeds are verifiably maximised. Here are 3 cast […]

A trustee had been approached to set up an art-fund with a Leonardo da Vinci as the principal asset. He asked Cadell for a second opinion on the da Vinci. The sector expert already knew that this work had been on the market ‘for years’ and hadn’t been accepted by any of the relevant experts […]

Client suggested purchasing an antiquity and the trustee asked Cadell for a second opinion. Cadell’s sector expert’s initial review of the provenance highlighted that the work had previously been in a collection which was known to contain other works with questionable provenance. Further detailed research was then undertaken, along with interviews of all owners since […]

The principal beneficiary had negotiated what he thought was a great deal with a gallery for a work by an established artist. The asking price was over $30m so the trustee turned to Cadell for a second opinion before signing. Cadell’s sector expert quickly established that the work was not from the sought-after series the […]